There ARE good people in the music world!

I know I’ve posted about Ryan Keen before, but today he has become a prime example that there are still good and chivalrous people in the the music industry.

My mum had bought me one of Ryan’s snazzy blue wristbands as an extra birthday present but somehow the order got delayed. I obviously knew nothing about this and so when the package finally arrived today it was a surprise to see that Ryan had added an extra wristband in for free!



He’d even written out a note saying sorry, which was immediately stuck up on my wall (even though it has my mum’s name on it!) What was also so great to see was that he does his own posting as I recognised his hand-writing on the package.

What a nice chap!

It made my day, and just goes to show why liking unsigned and under-the-radar musicians really does have it’s benefits.





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