San Cisco – Beach

San CiscoFor me, there is nothing better than discovering a new band, so imagine my excitement when I came across the wonderful quartet, San Cisco. Hailing from Western Australia and formed in 2009, they have steadily built up a fan base that is starting to stretch out to the UK indie scene. Their music is quirky, garage pop, full of hooks and catchy lyrics. The vocals switch between frontman Jordi Davieson and singer/drummer Scarlett Stevens, providing the ability to construct boy/girl stories such as in their insanely catchy and upbeat song, Awkward. The video for their single Golden Revolver, compared by XFM to Vampire Weekend, is a blissful, “home-shot”, instagram-style montage of clips as the band sail down a river on a makeshift raft.

Their first UK EP on Colombia Records comes out on Sunday, for which I CANNOT wait. It features this song, Beach, and their other singles Golden Revolver, Reckless and Lover. The video is actually shot at Brighton Pier!


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