Ryan Keen – Live at the O2 Academy Newcastle

Ryan Keen

It’s about time I uploaded something about this. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to see Ryan Keen play in Newcastle as part of his Room For Light tour. I’ve been following Ryan avidly for a few years so I was pretty excited to finally see him live.

His support acts for the evening were Joel Baker and Sam Bradley, and whilst Baker’s songs were melodic and conveyed clearly a new found love, Bradley’s were much more bluesy and moody.

Ryan made his appearance at about 8:30, and began his set accompanied by his friend Leroy on drums. He opened up with my personal favourite Orelia, winning the crowd over immediately. Ryan’s acoustic-percussive guitar playing resonated wonderfully in the small venue, especially with the addition of a foot organ that rumbled away beneath the guitar. He took to the stage solo for the mid-section of his set, playing among others a cover of Rihanna’s Stay, which was surprisingly subtle and better than I expected. Leroy came back to join Ryan to play most of the songs from his recent EP Back To The Ocean, and also a few from his upcoming debut album. To much delight from the audience, his final encore was an instrumental and technical guitar cover of Coldplay’s Fix You, which did not stay instrumental for long as the whole crowd started singing along, albeit in varying degrees of tunefulness.

I still find it hard to believe that Ryan is still not signed to a record label. He’s currently touring with Leona Lewis but, with a slot at Live at Leeds this weekend, I don’t think he’ll stay unsigned for long.


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