Grizzly Bear – Will Calls (Marfa Demo)

Grizzly Bear Will Calls

I often find it hard to express my love for Grizzly Bear. The band bends genres as easily as they do guitar strings, and the result is an eclectic mix that can see them switch tack often halfway through a song – something evident on this track that surfaced a few days ago. It comes as Grizzly Bear announce Shields: Expanded and Shields: B-sides, two new deluxe versions of last years Shields LP which was quite simply a work of art. Will Calls was recorded in Marfa, Texas before they started recording Shields in full, and is a track of multiple sections of differing sounds: lulling, crooning verses; warmly distorted choruses; and an outro that sounds like their punked-up take on elevator music – yet when stitched together it actually works surprisingly well. From a band who normally slave over every song on their records, this rough track is a welcome variant.


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