Cosmo – Cosmo

cosmo 5

In an incredibly pleasant surprise, I found out yesterday that Felix White, guitarist from one of my all time favourite bands, The Maccabees, has embarked on a bit of a side project. He’s called it Cosmo, and it’s pretty stellar. White has written all the music for this project, and has employed some of his musical friends to co-write lyrics and provide vocals, and it’s an impressive line-up including Florence Welch, Jessie Ware, Jack Penate – oh, and his brother and band mate Hugo, too. It’s beautifully created, expansive and with the soaring synths and strings it does draw links to the more reflective tracks on the Mercury Nominated Maccabees album Given to The Wild. It’s a coherent collection of songs, the melodies strong yet not overpowering considering the prowess of the vocalists present here. Subtle bass lines and gorgeous orchestral backdrops make this a delight for the ears. Personal highlights for me are Measurement of Moving On and actually the Interlude which I truly believe should have been turned into a full song in its own right. There’s been little in the way of publicity concerning the release, however videos for each of the tracks have been popping up all day on the Cosmo website. Here’s the rather charming video for Yalla:

And because it’s rather hard to find:


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