Francis Lung – Selfish Man

francis lung 1

After the inevitable disbandment of “heavy-pop” four piece WU LYF, it’s pleasing to see that the members are continuing to churn out new music in one form or another. Frontman Ellery James Roberts released his own single, Kerou’s Lament, last year, and guitarist Evans Kati, drummer Joe Manning  and bassist Tom McClung joined forces again to form the magnificently named Los Porcos. McClung is also working on music by himself under the moniker Francis Lung, and this latest track is totally charming. Twiddly, interlocking guitar lines and soft synths play behind McClung’s direct, melodic vocal. Selfish Man is a sincere track at heart, and almost as if he’s speaking up about the break-up of WU LYF: “When everything becomes too much/ You have to leave/ Abandoning was not the plan/ But I don’t wanna know you/ Or wanna understand/”. 

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