Broken Records – Weights and Pulleys

Broken Records

I recently posted about Bastard Mountain, a collective that features Rory Sutherland; Broken Records is his other band and I’m very pleased I was directed to them. They’ve just streamed their new album, and it’s pretty stunning.

Emotional vocals lead the way on this album, draped in sweeping orchestration of shimmering guitars and fluid strings. Many of the songs revolve around uplifting, anthemic choruses (Winterless Son and All Else Can Just Wait to name but a few), not a world away from a more indie version of The Killers. That said, the album doesn’t lack in more thoughtful, pensive moments as seen on the rippling piano work of Toska, or the trembling guitars and fragile vocals of Nothing Doubtful. Above all, it’s a work of incredible beauty. It’s dynamic, visceral and totally stirring. It’s cathartic, yet similarly just restrained enough not to be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s like you’re sitting in a private cloud of nostalgia, at other points it makes you want to run off dramatically into the sunset. Definitely a must-listen for any fans of Editors or The National.

Don’t think I can link the private SoundCloud, so I shall instead direct you to this website where you can listen to the whole album whilst reading the commentary provided by Broken Records’ lead singer, Jamie Sutherland.

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