Stream of Sound is a not-for-profit music blog set up purely with the intention of delivering great music to your ears. It’s not updated every day (and sometimes not even every week, dependent on the amount of homework on my desk), which shows that whatever music is posted is special and deserves a listen. Whether you are an avid fan of music like me or you just happen to have stumbled here during your internet travels, hopefully I will have posted something that makes you smile!

Got any suggestions? Awesome upcoming bands to check out? New tracks I should be listening to? Email me at lizziek96@live.com. Same goes for bands/artists –  email me with your music/videos and I’ll usually be more than happy to feature them.

This blog is purely for music, but I also have a slapdash tumblr account for all things music, science, exams-y and general ranting about society, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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